Grape•Space Design Studio was created by designer, Sandy Love. With a BFA in Surface Pattern Design and Textile Design from Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts, Sandy pursued her love for design in NYC. She began working as a graphic artist designing accessories and hosiery lines for mid-tier and mass markets. Eventually relocating to Florida, Sandy designed apparel and graphics for the licensed juniors’ apparel company, David & Goliath. Sandy later settled in Los Angeles where she has worked with freelance clients  in apparel, graphic and textile design.



Mattel • Disney • Mighty Fine • Doe • Sanrio • Emily the Strange • Levi’s • Urban Outfitters • Delia*s • Hot Topic • Target • KMart


Dig Under Rocks Blog was founded in 2009. The goal was to create a place to post design inspiration and works in progress. Sandy loves to start many side projects at once and not necessarily finish them. The blog became a great place to catalog these ideas and share the process with the independent artist community. Dig Under Rocks also features food recipes, in-store trends and color inspiration with the help of contributors.

The new Grape•Space Design Studio Blog will post news, new projects, inspiration, and allow for a place to get really nerdy about all the things we love about design.



Learn more by contacting sandylovesdesign@gmail.com